Repeating Pattern Design: Photoshop vs. Illustrator

tips Jul 12, 2020

 In this clip I go over a little bit about why you would choose Photoshop vs. Illustrator to create your repeating pattern designs. 

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A clip from our "Create a Mother's Day Card" Procreate class

diy May 09, 2020

Here I walk you through how to cut out the card that we create in our "Procreate: Create a Mother's Day Card" class. You can also use this for any free card download that we send out from the Craftedmoon newsletters. Clip is 5.5 minutes long :D 

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Welcome to Craftedmoon's School for Misfit Makers

Uncategorized Apr 08, 2020
A note from the Professor
"Making art, being creative, and learning something new is magical. 
Deep down, all of us are creative. But many of us have lost our curiosity and neglected our creativity because 1) we have a loud, bossy inner critic that tells us we aren't good enough, and 2) we are too busy trying to make a living.
Art doesn't have to be comparative and it doesn't have to make you money. Making art is healing, soothing, and fun!  At Craftedmoon's School for Misfit Makers, we give you permission to learn something new just to bring yourself joy. You deserve it."
-Sarah Watts
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