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My Top 5 Drawing Supplies

supplies tips Jun 06, 2022

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 It's so hard to choose art supplies sometimes! But what if I HAD to pick? Like what if I was stuck on a deserted island and only had five supplies to choose from? I think I've got that list covered. Plus a sketchbook, because to be honest, I'm never far from my sketchbook ever.

 The Travelogue Hand Book: 

This is definitely my comfort zone sketchbook. It’s perfect for so many reasons! The pages are square, but depending on how you hold your sketchbook that actually makes it very conducive to landscape or portrait spreads. The size is perfect for carrying around and not worrying about knocking into anyone or anything. Plus it has a POCKET. You could tuck found items in there for collage or even watercolor sheets for handy watercolors on the go. 

Blackwing Pearl Pencils

First off, these are beautiful pencils, and the Pearl features a softer lead, which I love for the...

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