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Hi there, I'm Sarah Watts. I am so happy that you are here!

I want to help you massively expand your creative potential. 

I want to share with you my step-by-step process in how to take your artwork into the computer using Photoshop. I want to guide you through this amazing program, to create beautiful, marketable pattern design collections that fully express your creative vision.

Over the years, I have had the pleasure of designing over 25 fabric collections and have collaborated with over 35 companies. I can't even begin to express the joy that this profession has brought me. And even better, the joy it brings me to share it with you. It all began when I learned how to use Photoshop. Join me, and we can make your work expand into a whole new world of possibility.




What is From Paint to Pattern?

From Paint to Pattern is a 10 week immersive course of professional training in Adobe Photoshop. With over 20 years of experience in Photoshop, Sarah walks you through her design process step-by-step.  You will learn everything you need to take your artwork, digitize it, and explore and unlock new possibilities. You are going to be amazed with all the projects you can do with your art.
See an example now!

See the process in this short video.


Video is more fun with sound ^^

Hear What Alumni Have to Say:

From Paint to Pattern Will Fast Track Your Digital Art Skills. 

Spark Your Process

Get inspired! I'm going to show you the step by step process I take from that first spark of curiosity to a fully-fledged surface design collection with lessons that build on each other from week to week.

Grow Your Tool Kit

From Paint to Pattern has something to offer for beginners to advanced users alike, whether you'd to learn from the ground up or discover some hidden Photoshop features, I've got you covered.

Endless Options

If you can dream it, you can do it in Photoshop, and I will show you how. Learn how to combine any medium, from paint to photography to fiber art into a gorgeous collection. Your creative options are endless.

Get Your Work Noticed

Art directors and social media algorithms alike are tuned to textural, painterly, art! I take my 20 years of knowhow to teach you how to catch their eye and stand out with your work! 

See just one example of Photoshop magic in action below!

I work with Photoshop like it's a collage program. That means I can take all sorts of pieces of my artwork and combine them together into something new!  

You can take art that you've drawn on your iPad...

or painted in watercolor...

or drawn in ink...

or even drawn right into Photoshop...

Then pull it all together in Photoshop to make something truly magical.

Simply the most in-depth training for Photoshop in the surface design industry. 

Are you ready to turn your art into surface design collections?




Bonnie Christine

Surface Designer+Educator

Jen Hewett

Illustrator, Author, and Printmaker

Dylan M.


Meghann Rader

Illustrator+Greeting Card Designer

Lilla Rogers

Art Agent+Licensing Expert

Jeanetta Gonzales

Illustrator+Surface Designer

Radiance Harris

Trademark Attorney
and Copyright Expert

Janine Vangool

Author+Editor and Publisher Uppercase Magazine

What will you learn on your Photoshop journey?

• Lessons build on each other over 7 modules and 3 implementation weeks 

• Weekly recorded LIVE Q+A's with Sarah

• A private supportive art community

• An alumni mentor hivemind to answer your questions as you have 


• Explore tools, brushes, and recoloring

• Develop a collection of surface design repeats

• Learn to create mockups of products

• Discover new and hidden Photoshop features


If you could make any product, what would you choose?

Imagine future you, with the knowledge from my course, on your way to putting your art on everything from fabric to stationery to phone cases to home goods. The possibilities are endless!

Are you ready to digitize your artwork and unlock more income potential?

Enrollment Ends August 19th, 2022!

Don't miss out on your chance to partake in this once-a-year course! 









What is the course curriculum?

So happy that you asked!
Click below to check out the syllabus and schedule.

Shelley Nichols

I signed up for From Paint to Pattern because, as a graphic designer, Photoshop was my Achilles heel. But I got so much more! Come for the instruction, but stay for the whole Sarah Watts Experience TM! Sarah Watts is both an illustration wizard and Photoshop nerd. 



Melissa Merriman

I have really enjoyed From Paint to Pattern! Sarah is a wonderful down to earth teaching so willing to share her years of expertise. She makes you feel comfortable asking any questions. Loved the guests speakers. The training allows you to work at your own pace and build upon itself so you're not overwhelmed. Loved having her as an instructor!

Lawren McCall

Sarah is a magical teacher. Everything she teaches is easy to understand and her incredibly fun personality just enriches the experience. I love learning from Sarah and this class was incredible!





Esther Probst

Sarah’s course helped me to master Photoshop and to convert my art into beautiful patterns. It opened a whole new world of possibilities to design products, wall art and even complete fabric collections. The community is so supportive, too. I couldn’t have done it without the course.

"I wish I could fully express to anyone setting off on the From Paint to Pattern and Photoshop journey, how often you are going to want to go back and watch this course over and over again.  Investing in your dreams, particularly financially, can be daunting and overwhelming.  Doing this work and learning these skills were the jet fuel I needed to propel myself forward at a time when I felt stuck."

-Becky Hershey

Your From Paint To Pattern Questions Answered 


Photoshop has been a powerhouse digital design staple for a reason. It is the most powerful tool that preserves the textures of your artwork. It gives you endless options and control over your work. And despite the name, it's not just limited to photos. Photoshop allows you to collage work from any medium together into something new and beautiful.


We are digging deep into the whole process of designing a surface design collection in Photoshop. This took me years to figure out but I was able to get it down into a 10 week course that has actionable steps with pleasing results each week. Those little victories over the course of 10 weeks build on each other. You will see how taking a little time to create a collection will really let it shine it's fullest potential. 


The beauty of this course is you have forever access! With videos and content you can replay forever, not only can you self pace, you can refer back to the course contents if you get stuck later. From Paint to Pattern isn't just a course, it's also a reference library full of industry tricks and insider knowhow that will help you get your surface design collections and other projects done for years to come.


If you follow the curriculum, you will walk out of this class with a cohesive pattern collection that can range from a mini group of 3-6 pieces to a full collection of multiple color ways. All while learning Adobe Photoshop, which is an essential program for the digital design industry. Gain insight on design principles, create spot illustrations, and develop some creative friendships. The sky is the limit! 

Learn Photoshop for Surface and Digital Design

From Paint to Pattern is simply the most in-depth training for Photoshop in the surface design industry.

Leah Bry

"I truly can't say enough about the quality of this course: Sarah's lessons are detailed and comprehensive, entertaining and accessible. Not only does she teach total beginners how to use photoshop, she's an encouraging and inspiring art mentor and business coach, too."


Savannah Palma

I have taken many of Sarah’s classes and I’m never disappointed. She has so much knowledge and is willing to share it all. I have loved the community that comes along with Paint to Pattern and being able to take my art directly from Procreate, turn it into a repeat in Photoshop and save all the beautiful texture.

Trena Brannon

The way Sarah breaks down the lessons, and also the way she encourages her students, gives me confidence that I can learn to use Ps effectively to create quality designs from my mixed media artwork for products.



Elizabeth Reich

From Paint to Pattern's lessons build off of each other, and shows there is more than one way to do most things in Photoshop. The interviews with those in the industry and their creative process was inspirational, and the cherry on the top.


Start Your Journey Today!

Stop delaying your creative development. If you want to further your art career, learning and embracing digital programs is a must. In From Paint to Pattern you will expand your art, network reach, and income potential.

Enrollment ends August 19th at 11:59 PM EST Class begins August 30th!



Alexia Marcelle Abegg

Ruby Star Society

Kim Kight

Ruby Star Society

Melody Miller 

Ruby Star Society

Rashida Coleman-Hale

Ruby Star Society


About the Instructor: Sarah Watts

Work and Life

I graduating in 2008 from Ringling College with a BFA in illustration. I got my first job designing kids clothing at Carter's Osh Kosh, where I first learned how to make repeat patterns professionally. Then I worked at International Greetings, where we made gift and stationery for companies like Target, Marshalls and Michaels. I left the corporate art world in 2011 when my freelance began to pick up enough to make the leap.  

Over the years I have designed 20+ collections, and have licensed it to companies for products ranging from reusable diapers to quilting fabric to children's books.

I now own my own stationery company called Craftedmoon, and have a new teaching division called School for Misfit Makers. You can view my illustration portfolio at and on my Instagram feed. 

I spend most of my time running Craftedmoon and designing fabric for Ruby Start Society.

I married my high school bestie, Scott, by eloping in Vegas on Halloween. We live in Georgia outside of Atlanta and have two little girls named Willow and Violet. We also have two dogs, a cat and chickens. Things are lively around here.

Enrollment ends August 19th at 11:59 PM EST Class begins August 30th!

See what you can learn!


“I went from being a complete newbie to someone who can think in patterns and replicate those in Photoshop using Sarah's brilliant process. I am truly amazed at how thoroughly her knowledge comes through in this course.”

-Jess Holloway

I'm going to show you my own step-by-step process

With Photoshop you can bridge the gap between art creation and seeing your finished work on products! If you can dream it, you can make it! 

1. Create artwork

2. Scan in your work

3. Photoshop it!

4. Make products!

Join me as we go From Paint to Pattern!

Are you ready to take this game-changing program?

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