About the Instructor: Sarah Watts

Work and Life

I graduated in 2008 from Ringling College with a BFA in illustration. I got my first job designing kids clothing at Carter's Osh Kosh, where I first learned how to make repeat patterns professionally. Then I worked at International Greetings, where we made gift and stationery for companies like Target, Marshalls and Michaels. I left the corporate art world in 2011 when my freelance began to pick up enough to make the leap.  

Over the years I have designed 20+ collections, and have licensed it to companies for products ranging from reusable diapers to quilting fabric to children's books.

I now own my own stationery company called Craftedmoon, and have a new teaching division called Craftedmoon's School for Misfit Makers. You can view my illustration portfolio at wattsalot.com and on my Instagram feed. 

I spend most of my time running Craftedmoon and designing fabric for Ruby Star Society.

I married my high school bestie, Scott, by eloping in Vegas on Halloween. We live in Georgia outside of Atlanta and have two little girls named Willow and Violet. We also have two dogs, a cat and chickens. Things are lively around here.

Some favorite things: I guess I like drawing (har har) • making people laugh • snacks • watching romantic comedies and period pieces • Halloween • listening to a good dose of metal music while drawing adorable critters • crafting with my Cricut machine • the beach • the mountains • bullet journaling 

Hello! I am Sarah Watts. So happy to have you in the school! Feel free to reach out with any questions. [email protected]


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