Welcome to the FREE Sketchbook Squad Preview Week Hub!

Sketchbook Squad Preview Week Starts Monday, May 30. Each day a new lesson or live Zoom link will be posted below, along with the replay following shortly after. Bookmark this page and revisit all the lessons!


What is this preview week all about? This is a special event that we are holding before the Squad signup week. Each session is recorded and will be featured here for playback in case you can't make it live! Scroll down for the Preview Week schedule and the videos as they are uploaded.

Closed Captions will be available on a delay. 


MONDAY LESSON 1: Learn the basics of lighting for drawing! 

This lesson is what our friends in Sketchbook Squad are currently studying. Each month on the first Tuesday we release an art school 101 foundation class. These classes are designed to be bite-sized and easy to implement quickly. Some of our sketchbook-ers are not new to art, but they still find these really helpful for refreshers! We never stop learning and growing as artists! Be sure to download the PDF that goes along with it! This PDF has a glossary, diagram and two images for drawing reference! 

Download the lighting PDF!

TUESDAY LESSON 2: Sketchbook Squad Overview 
PLUS Question and Answer Time With Sarah! 

WHO: Sarah Watts is an illustrator, fabric designer for Ruby Star Society, and art educator! She's been working in the field for years and loves sharing her experiences with you, her students. The Sketchbook Squad is THE monthly membership to hone your art skills, be challenged, get inspiration, and see live demos with a community of likeminded artists.

This Preview Hub is open until June 10 for you to get a sneak preview of everything we do in the Sketchbook Squad! Enrollment will be open from June 3 - June 10. Monthly memberships are $30 billed monthly with an annual plan (at a savings) also available! 


WEDNESDAY LESSON 3: Watercolor Demo with Amarilys Henderson 

It's time to reveal our special guest! I hosted the amazing watercolor expert Amarilys Henderson. You won't want to miss this: Amarilys will be painting a CHICKEN for us, specifically an awesome rooster in her signature style. Her work features bold color, lush watercolor bleeds and throwback whimsey.

Amarilys uses Dr. Ph Martin's Radiant watercolors, specifically Daffodil Yellow, Saddle Brown, Persimmon, and Slate Blue for this piece.

She also recommends any #12 Round Brush that you love!

You can check the reference that Amarilys is using below!


THURSDAY LESSON 4:  Live Q+A: Ask Sarah!  

In this session we covered some Sketchbook Squad info, gave a quick tour of the community, talked a bit about mindset, licensing, and social media! Sarah also gave her presentation on how to declutter your phone for minimal distraction. 



FRIDAY LESSON 5: Let's Draw Together! 

In Sketchbook Squad, I want to give you foundation lessons and inspiration, but the fact of the matter is, you get better at any skill by practicing it. Even if it's just for a short time every day. Come join me as we practice loosening up and drawing from life quickly in our Live Gesture Drawing session!


 This is the drawing circle that you've been waiting for.


Artists of all levels must continuously evolve in order to grow their skills. When we aspire to be students for life, we fuel our creativity and expand our vision. That curiosity and wonderment of learning is essential for us creatives to keep us going. It protects us from facing creative block and burnout. 

You are on your own unique creative path and I would love to help inspire you and provide tools and community to help you continue to grow. Join our Sketchbook Squad and find a year full of bite-sized foundation lessons, art demos from some of the best illustrators and designers in the industry, LIVE Q+As, drawing nights, and prompts and other tools to keep you motivated to fill sketchbooks.

All content is recorded and will live inside the membership for you to replay at your own convenience. You will be so proud to see a book full of your art that will show visual proof of your improvement over the year. 

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