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Improve your drawing skills and stay inspired by establishing or rekindling a sketchbook practice with our creative community. 

5 Reasons Why All Artists Must Establish a Sketchbook Practice

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Sketchbook Squad Will Fast Track Your Skills as an Artist.

Establish Your Practice

Get inspiration, mindset tips and accountability to help you establish the sketchbook habit.

Grow Your Tool Kit

Develop your skills through practice and guided foundation lessons. Learn new tricks from guest artist demos.

Ace Your Style

By exploring in a safe space, you will develop the exact preferences in your art practice to ace your personal style.

Get Your Work Noticed

Artists that draw more develop fast and display inspiring energy. People can feel that passion and see the difference in your work.

This is how you develop your signature style.

This is one of the most sought after things in the creative industry is to find our "signature style." By practicing in our sketchbook, we get to explore what we like or don't like in art. We get to really hone in on our preferences and ace the look that makes us stand out in the creative industry. 

Our Membership is Awesome for Traveling. 

You will sharpen your skills at drawing from life and you will have access to all of our videos if you are on the go with the awesome Iphone app. It's a great way to stay inspired on the road.

Hear What Our Members Have to Say:

 Hi I'm Sarah. Over the years I have established a thriving creative practice, and I can help you do the same. We'll have fun and stay inspired while becoming drawing experts.

I have crafted a career as a an illustrator, fabric designer, and art educator. I’m also one of the biggest drawing nerds out there. One thing that I’ve come to realize is that artists like you and me want more time, more community, and more accountability to grow our creative practice and hone our artistic skills. And that’s why I’ve developed the Sketchbook Squad.

Learn what you can expect in Sketchbook Squad and preview our current calendar!

"Sarah has a very accessible style of teaching and meets you where you are in your development as an artist. She teaches like she remembers how it was to learn it in the first place-but always adds more subtle aspects for more advanced students as well. She does this without adding that stress that can come when you know how much learning and practicing is ahead of you. She is a breath of fresh air."

-Anne Gill

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One of the best part of the Sketchbook Squad is getting inspired by everyone's art! You can share in our private community, or publish your works on social media to our hashtag #sketchbooksquad!


@wattsalot (that's right, Sarah's a member too!)

@janeyouniverse (your friendly community manager)

Michelle G.

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Are you ready to start a sketchbook that you will actually fill up? 

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Also, if you have more question, don't hesitate to ask! email [email protected]

 As a Sketchbook Squad member you'll find: drawing accountability ⭐ guest artist demos ⭐ live Q+As ⭐ live sketch nights ⭐ pre-recorded art lessons ⭐ bite-sized art refreshers ⭐ time saving tips ⭐ a private community ⭐ PDF lessons and guides ⭐ & most of all FUN! Do you have more questions that I haven't answered here? I'm going live over on IG every day this week at 3PM EST, so come and ask away!

"Um, hello, I do not know how to draw. Will this be a problem?" Nope! Art is a skill, not something you are born with. The best way that I know how to improve your artistic skills is a magical recipe that I'm going to reveal right here for free: Inspiration + Education + Practice. And in the Sketchbook Squad I'm going to be helping you with all three.

"But what if I AM a seasoned artist?" Yay! Me too! I've seen and experienced a lot in my 16-year art career. When we go at the grind too hard, one of the first things that we lose is our connection to our initial passion of creating art. If you're feeling that way I need you to know. I have been there. And that's the reason why I developed this membership, to rekindle my and re-establish my own drawing practice while helping you do the same.

What's the schedule look like? Month to month might look a little different, theme-wise. That's part of the fun! What I can guarantee is each month you will have drawing accountability, a live Q+A, a live sketch night, pre-recorded art lessons, guest art demos sprinkled in, time saving tips and private community access.

Are the sessions live-only? I have a crazy schedule and I live abroad! Don't worry, I've got you! We have a private class portal where everything will be recorded and accessible for the length of your membership! I love the sound of all of this. But is there any way I can check out the goods before I sign up? YES! To celebrate open enrollment, I've been hosting a sneak preview of the type of content that you'll see in class . Want a taste of my teaching style? !