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Sarah Watts


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    Inside, find everything you need to know to digitize your art and unlock massive potential. 

    This ebook is jam packed with info, including the SCOOP on all the nerdy tech stuff that artists need to know in order to work in Photoshop. It's hard to find info on this topic spelled out for artists all in one place!

    Why Photoshop for artists? Because you can take watercolor, ink, acrylic, and other mediums and bring it to the digital world to print onto beautiful goods, all while preserving the textures and gradients of the medium.

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    It’s Time To Up Your Art Game and Expand Your Reach to a Wider Audience.

    Hi, I'm Sarah Watts!

     I’m an illustrator, art educator and surface designer for Ruby Star Society. I have worked with over 35 companies ranging from the fashion to the literary to the stationery and gift industries with brands like Target, American Greetings, and Houghton Mifflin. I specialize in teaching Photoshop, surface design, and drawing techniques and I’m so incredibly proud to say that hundreds of students have learned how to live more creatively through my courses like From Paint to Pattern or through my membership: Sketchbook Squad. Working in both illustration and fabric design have each taught me a LOT about taking analog art into a digital world and I’m so excited to pass on that knowledge to you!

    It's now easier than ever to start a product line with access to print on demand. The very first step in this process is to get your work digitized. Then you can design things like: 

    Fabric • Gift wrap • Gift bags • NFTs • Cell phone cases • Laptop cases • Tote bags • Zip pouches • Quilts • Baby blankets • Wallpaper • Rugs • Art Prints • Books • Stationery • Coffee Mugs • Tshirts • Dresses • Enamel pins • Patches • Lampshades • Pillows • Furniture • Tea towels • Canisters • Handbags • Stickers • Bedding • Journals• Tissue Paper • Washi Tape • Water Bottles • and more!

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