Ever have a hard time picking out colors for your projects? You're not alone.

Ever get overwhelmed trying to decide which of all the colors to work with for your project? Even worse, have you let that cherished fabric go uncut on a shelf because you don't know where to start? Let’s use it already! Using the science of color, Color Theory for Fabric Lovers is going to inspire you to take your project to the next level, eliminate that decision paralysis, and get it from To Do to DONE already!

You're invited to my new class, "Color Theory for Fabric Lovers"

I've been dreaming up the idea for Color Theory for Fabric Lovers for quite a while. One of the top questions I get asked as both a fabric designer for Ruby Star Society and an art educator is how to choose color for projects. And as always, I am here to help! Have you ever wanted to start a project but just felt...stuck? With a whole rainbow of colors to choose from, decision paralysis comes for all of us sometimes. In Color Theory for Fabric Lovers, I’m opening my brain up and pouring out all of my 11 years experience as a fabric designer into this online course and hefty guidebook so you too can have a foolproof method for expressing yourself with color.

Color Theory for Fabric Lovers contains 10 easily paced video lessons, hosted by me, Sarah Watts!

Love learning from video? You're not alone. That's why you'll have forever access to this course. The best part about these is you can learn at your own pace in bite-sized snippets, or binge them all at once! You're in control! Come learn all my secrets, tips, and color tricks that I've learned over my 10+ years experience as a fabric designer, illustrator, and student of the arts.


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Choosing colors becomes a whole lot easier with a little bit of color science! 

For some people, choosing fabrics comes quickly and flawlessly every single time with no forethought whatsoever.  But I don’t know many of them, ha! If this has ever been a struggle for you, I want you to know that I have been there too. When I first started my sewing journey I got so overwhelmed by choosing colors for my projects. But then I remembered that I had Color Theory in my back pocket from art school! Color Theory is the science of how colors can go together, and is super applicable not just in drawing and illustrating, but also the fabric arts as well! If you've ever felt overwhelm and decision paralysis when it comes to your projects, then this class is for you! Come learn my foolproof methods for choosing pleasing color palettes every time!

Let's go on a color adventure together!

 I’m opening my brain up and pouring out all of my 11 years experience as a fabric designer into this online course and hefty guidebook so you too can have a foolproof method for expressing yourself with color.

I'm Ready! Let's Go!

Come learn color theory and pro tips from Sarah Watts, who has been working in the sewing industry professionally as a fabric designer for 10+ years.

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Let's get your brain color-boosted! 

  • Closed Captions Included in Lessons for Accessibility

Self Paced Learning!

You can learn from the videos and guidebook at your own pace! Bit by bit or binged all at once!

Fight Overwhelm

Pick out the right fabrics to go all together with your new foundation in color science!

All Levels Welcome!

Whether you're just starting your sewing journey or you've been in love for a long time, this course is for you!

Finish Your Projects.

Remove the biggest hurdle for finally cutting into those cherished yards of fabric and get your projects done!

See what past students have to say about Sarah's teaching style:

Beatrice Edney

From Paint to Pattern Alumni

"Sarah is a passionate and energetic teacher, always demonstrating with clear examples she takes from her own work and doesn't spare the time to really get to the bottom of a question a student might have. "

Martha Worthley

From Paint to Pattern Alumni 
"Sarah Watts has deep knowledge of the methods and mysteries one needs in the design and illustration industry. Her teaching style is casual, bright and fun-and she is always authentically right there with you as you learn."

Cathy Holly

From Paint to Pattern Alumni

“Sarah is without a doubt a gem to be found in the online world of teaching.  She not only knows her stuff but she’s a delight to learn from. I thoroughly enjoyed having her for a teacher and look forward to the next opportunity I have to step back into her world.”

Hi! I'm Sarah Watts!

I’m a fabric designer for Ruby Star Society, an illustrator, and an art educator. I have worked with over 35 companies ranging from the fashion to the literary to the stationery and gift industries with brands like Target, American Greetings, and Houghton Mifflin. I specialize in teaching Photoshop, surface design, and drawing techniques and I’m so incredibly proud to say that hundreds of students have learned how to live more creatively through my courses like From Paint to Pattern or through my membership: Sketchbook Squad. While working both in house and as an entrepreneur, I have learned so much in the design industry and my passion is to share it with you.